Joy of Yoga Saratoga

Yoga 1The Joy of Yoga, is Saratoga Springs, New York's first dedicated yoga studio, and as its slogan reads, "still dedicated". The studio is celebrating its 31st anniversary. Located at 376 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY, in the historic Arcade Building in the heart of our famous downtown, Joy of Yoga pioneered the yoga movement in this celebrated town, long distinguished by its springs for health and healing. This was a time when the seeds of hatha yoga, sown decades before in the United States by the great masters like BKS Iyengar and Swami Vishnudevananda, were just beginning to really take root and grow. Many of my earliest students came to the first Joy of Yoga studio, in May 1989, with a sense of entering something new and mysterious. Now, far from the realm of a cult, yoga has gained a phenomenal popularity in mainstream American culture, which I consider to be one of the most encouraging developments in today's problem pressed society.


Welcome to the Joy of Yoga

Yoga's origins date back atleast 4,000 years, and some put it back 10,000years or more. It is the art and science of Self-discovery and care that helps us connect to our Spiritual center, core or original self, through an inward focus on complete breathing( learning how to utilize our full lung capacity in the correct way --pranayama ) and the yoga positions or asanas. These asanas stretch the body in a prescribed way, that when informed by the movement of the breath are energized into vehicles of profound health-giving benefits for body and mind. Through this practice we may experience a release from the stress of everyday demands and concerns, and discover an increased energy level and capacity for more peace, joy and well-being. Yoga balances us and creates the space for more life and thus, more flexibility in movement and attitude. View our Calendar to join a class.

Private classes

Yoga3Private classes give an individual the opportunity for in-depth exploration of their own bodymind through individually determined yoga postures and techniques for breathing and relaxation related to personal goals for healing.Judy's interpersonal skills and intuitive gifts provide a loving and secure experience in which these personal issues of health can be addressed through Yoga. The private session is ideal for the student who is ready to focus and cocreate the ways and means to expand their consciousness and grow into new strength and health mentally, physically and spiritually

The Beauty of Ayurveda

Judy Joy Wyle is a certifed Ayurvedic Consultant who is available to do Ayurvedic analysis. Why is Ayurveda so beautiful? It is so because it is a natural beauty born from the union of Art and Science. Perceived through the deep meditative states of rishis and sages thousands of years ago, these seers channeled the earth's most ancient scriptures, the Vedas, from which Yoga and Ayurveda are derived. Ayurveda, means The Life of the Vedas or The Science of Life. It is the Mother of Medicine, whose vast body of wisdom for living a long, healthy and fulfilling life is grounded in knowledge and understanding of the profound elemental. The Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth elements are the basis of Ayurveda's cosmology, its physics and metaphysics. Through Ayurveda's recommendations for Right Living, we can work towards mastering the Art of Life in Harmony with Mother Nature.


Reiki: The Universal Life Energy

Reiki is a Japanese word representing Universal Life Energy, which is the intelligent life force which is all around us. Reiki sessions are about 1 1/2 hrs long. During this treatment, both the recipient and the practitioner, experience a well-being and relaxation which is of deep comfort. As the Reiki worker lays hands, the healing energy available from the Universe helps the body/mind to rejuvenate and recover, and experience a sense of being deeply bathed in nutrients of peace. It assists the individual to release toxins and energy blocks which can lead to disease and reestablish a state of balance and harmony. 

  • The Reiki Principles

Just for today I release all worry.

Just for today I release all anger.

I shall earn my living with integrity.

I shall honor every living thing.

I shall show gratitude for all my blessings.



Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Whether the catalyst is curiosity or despair, there are times in our lives when we are pressed to change ---- a relationship, a job, a location, a lifestyle or an attitude. A time when we are in between the familiar and the unknown. A time of great potential that is calling out for a way to bridge that which needs to fall away and that which wants to be born.

Pheonix risingClosely aligned with Yoga, and rooted in the shared premise that all we need to know is already within us all the time, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, created by Australian born Michael Lee, supports us in accessing our inner wisdom for the purpose of transformative growth into more positive and confident living.

In the framework of this powerful body/mind catalyst, the body becomes the vehicle and the teacher, as the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist guides the client's process through specifically chosen yoga asanas, which she supports. Our body's stored memories, which reside deep within the intelligent memory banks of all of the cells of our tissues, often remain hidden from our awareness and inhibit our ability to break through limiting patterns of thought and behavior. The loving presence and verbal dialogue techniques used during the supported yoga positions creates a protected place in which these emotional and physical tensions can be released, freeing the space for new consciousness to take root and flourish.